TIME FOR TEA ANTIQUES & INTERIORS is an unusual, faded, rusty and quirky antiques, textiles and vintage showroom & interior design studio based in Madrid with associates in London, Paris and Vermont, serving a worldwide clientele of collectors, designers, antique dealers and museums.

As an avid and eccentric collector and artist with a passion for beautiful things with a story, owner and designer Ruth Baza have the strong conviction that antiques are only really worth having if they give pleasure to their owners every day. "I also know that buying and living surrounded of antiques and art, however great or small the sum on the price tag, is all about pleasure".

Our little team is constantly searching throughout in the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Austria and France for rare and interesting antiques and decorative art, to please and surprise friends and clients.  Ruth have developed her own language that translates in an unashamedly romantic and tirelessly imaginative style: "is all about adding new layers of life to an object or space. I am more interested in  objects than a particular look, although I live and work in a Dickensian house, surrounded of decadent antiques and retro objects, and  this is what my clients look for when they hire me to redesign or decorate their house.This is my identity hallmark . I am a rustic romantic and I prefer things in their raw and imperfect state because they have more of their original, historic feel".

Her vast background as foreign correspondent, writer and photographer, has provided her everything she needs to express herself through antiques and design. "I wanted to share my lifestyle,  my passion on rescuing antiques and second hand, and a deep appreciation of the stories behind every single treaure found; so I made the decision to open the Studio in 2006, a place where you will find a hand picked selection of wonderfully faded, rusty and distressed  furniture, decorative objects, Victorian taxidermy and naturalia, Folk art, antique textiles and costume, vintage, and more to come... Our stock is ever changing!"

The shop, Ruth’s work as interior designer and artist, her lifestyle and homes have been featured in publications including Vogue, AD, Elle, Casa & Campo, The Face, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, El Mundo, El Pais, Bridal Vogue, Woman, Telva, Yo Dona, Men´s Health...

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Ruth Baza