1. LACE UP!
    LACE UP!
    Corsetry can be a form of art… As much as photography, music or film. There’s a story in antique custom corsets, as in every antique garment, a story that doesn’t exist in today´s mass-produced fashion. Corsets and stays are boudoir and private colllections worldwide best-bets because of their beauty and stiffness, shape and detailings, and most important, because they suggest a seductive but unnatural femine shape. We only deal with antique corsets dating from the 18th century to the early 20th. Historical corsets with story.
    Victorian and Edwardian petticoats make wonderful summer skirts and wedding dresses. These petticoats are often lavishly trimmed with lace and/or embroidery, which is too pretty to hide. Lingerie from the Belle Époque is highly collectible and treasured by the collectors because it is as opulent as romantic. Our variety of beautiful petticoats dating from the early 19th century to the Edwardian era will make any lady feel like a princess!
    Today´s garments don´t exhibit the craftmanship and detailing that yesterday´s do. Lingerie is no exception, in fact, there´s nothing as appealing, romantic, intriguing and tempting for collectors than antique undergarments.... But also for wearing again! Our selection of "whites" includes petticoats, bloomers, pantaloons, corset covers,, slips, nightgowns, camisoles, bed jackets, peignoirs and teddies. Indulge in white with details such as silk bows, fancy lace or stunning embroidery.
    Antique Victorian and Edwardian shirts will do the talking for you. They go literally with everything and there´s one for everybody and every occasion. Our inventory of Victorian and Edwardian shirts includes formal, lacy, plain, embroidered and pin tucked shirts for her, and early 19th century to 1920s collarless, striped and bib front shirts for men.
    There is plenty of antique lace in our drawers, boxes and trunks. Lace for every pocket, project and purpose: Brussels, Mechlin, Duchesse, Irish crochet, Valenciennes, Point de Gaze, Chantilly, Guipure, Torchon, Tambour embroidery, Honiton, Filet, Tape Lace.... The list and possibilities are endless. We have yardage, panels, rolls, trims, fragments, ribbons, and items such as doilies, bonnets, pelerines, engageants, baby caps and clothing, shawls, mantillas and veils, collars and cuffs, lappets, hankies and frilly clothing.
    To achieve the bell-shape silhouette, erly 19th century women wore several starched petticoats until the introduction of the caged crinole or hoop skirt in the mid 1850s. Early horse hair and cotton, and wired crinolines, silk and other nice folds of fabric bustles for the discerning collector adorn our studio from time to time, while full pettticoats are always present among our stock.
  7. YES, I DO
    YES, I DO
    If you are looking for a dress for the "Big Day" turn to antique and vintage for something unique and special in which to walk down the aisle, We are proud suppliers of rare antique and vintage wedding dresses from the 19th century on (and bridesmaid and reception dresses), French wax and cloth tiaras, veils, gloves and mittens, shoes and hats. We have a corner with a selection of vintage men´s clothing and accessories such as vests, shirts, top hats, suspenders, cufflinks, ties and shoes.
    Established in 2.004, Ruth Baza´s collection of exclusive accessories handmade with antique and vintage stuff has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle or Marie Claire, and favored by celebrities Kristin Davies, Victoria Beckham, Bebe, Dover band girls, Verónica Forqué and Pedro Almodóvar who also wear antique and vintage garments from our studio. We have a nice collection of one-of-a-kind brooches, tie-belts, bracelets, clutches, handbags, ties and hair ornaments. Do not hesitate to ask for info + photos. * Actress Leticia Dolera featured in YO DONA magazine wearing a vintage crinoline and 50s customized tie from our collection.

Silky, frilly, sensational, seductive and eye.catching: we adore lace, silk, embroidery, design and the versatile purposes of lingerie, lace, bridal and child´s garments and accessories.

We have a large inventory of whites and lacys for everyone: lace dating from the 17th to the 20th century, petticoats, nightgowns, bloomers, corsets, girdles, teddies, bonnets, bed jackets, capelets, stockings, corset covers, crinolines., wedding gowns, children clothing... One for every occasion, two for every night of the week.

Haute Couture, labelled or simply by whim. 

We are proud to count major collectors and museums worldwide among our valued customers.

Check out below a selection of antique lingerie and lace from our shop. Each thumbnail can be viewed in larger detail. Some of our new arrivals will be added to this page and to our Pinterest albums. 

If you are seeking something in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our stock is far too plentiful to list in its entirety on the website, but if you provide us with a description we’d be happy to search through our inventory for your special piece.

* We accept consignments (only items in excellent condition). Send us an email and one of our experienced stylists will review your merchandise with you and discuss the price and our consignment terms.

  1. 1880s French Trousseau Nightgown
  2. Worth Gown Collar Front
  3. Baby petticoat pinning blanket
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  5.  1900s embroidered muslin corset cover
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