Writer, journalist, photographer and bricoleur.
Voyager, painter, storyteller and antiques and eccentricities collector.
Former classical ballet dancer and model, violin player, a compulsive reader, a compulsive writer and an artisan.

Ruth Baza is a nomad. She travels the world since childhood, and have had the chance to live in different countries, in some cases, for years: New York, Nairobi, Tokyo, Johannesbourgh, Jerusalem, San Juan, Washington, Los Angeles, Madrid...

She spent her childhood surrounded by art and artists. She had a powerful  imagination and all kind of resources to express her feelings. “From an early age in my life I gravitated toward writing, literature, and great stories,” says Ruth. “I published my first story at 16,. I read and wrote poetry, short stories and started collecting  good editions of books by fav writers Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Franz Kafka, Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus or Charles Dickens to name a few. I always knew I would be a writer but also a journalist -and an adventurer like Tintin".

At 17, Ruth was awarded with the First Prize of the National Young Authors Contest for her realistic short story about homeless people. Later that year she moved to NY to study Journalism and Mass Media at NYU and work as correspondent for a couple of spanish movie magazines (Interfilms and Fotogramas). She was called to go to Kuwait when the Gulf War began to cover up the news for The Guardian and El Mundo as a photographer and translator. Three months later, she returned to NY and left the university after the first semester, to contribute in Newsweek and Seventeen. Two years later, she was living in Madrid and New York, and her articles, pictures and essays published in El Mundo, Cosmopolitan, El Gran Musical and Cambio 16.

Since then, she spent the following 13 years as freelance journalist travelling around the world in search of interesting stories, making interviews and taking pictures and portraits for the mentioned media and other including The Guardian, Cinemanía, El Semanal,  Interviú, Il Corriere della Sera, GQ, El Correo,  Popular 1 and Woman.

Ruth  had the privilege to meet,  interview and photograph musicians, artists, film makers, authors and celebrities ranging from Anjelica Huston, Lech Walessa, Hundertwasser, Paul McCartney, Iggy Pop, Gerard Depardieu, Slash, John Kennedy Jr., Yoko Ono, Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, Angel Corella, Howard Stern, Jean-Michel Jarre, James Elroy, Adam Ant, Roman Polanski, Bruce Willis, Isabella Rosellini, Billy Idol, Luciano Pavarotti,  Eric Clapton, Dennis Rodman, Peter Eisenman, Albert Ellis, Peter Fonda, Nick Nolte., Blur, Björk, The Cult, KD Lang, Richey James, Eric Roberts, Arnold Scharzenegger, Duran Duran... Hundreds of lifes, hundreds of stories, hundreds of portraits, hundreds of pages, hundreds of thanks...

As a writer Ruth is the author of the following  books:

* LA VIDA INTERMITENTE (Random House-Mondadori, 1.999)
* IN2 Japan (Vasava Artworks, 1.999)
* LA DOLCE VITA (HMR, 1.999)
* LA PRIMERA VEZ: UNA PRODUCCIÓN DE ELÍAS QUEREJETA (Festival de Cine Español de Malaga, 2.000).

Poetry books:

* LAPONIA (Sugerencia Editorial, 2.000)


Contributions on  literary and collective artistic projects:

* DE FELIPE: 100% REFRESCANTE  (Fundación BBK, 1.996)

* UN AÑO DE ROCK  (Luca Editorial, 1992-1993)
* AFTER HOURS (Random House-Mondadori, 1999)
* APOLOGIA DE LA MARIHUANA by Cristobal Cobo Quintas (Valdemar, 2002)
* VANIDAD The Skin I Lived (Egoiste, 2002)
* UNA HOJA DE LECHUGA by Alina Fernández (Temas de Hoy, 2002).

"La Vida Intermitente" was adapted for the stage by the prestigious portuguese  theatre  company Praga Teatro. The company toured  Portugal,  Frankfurt, Berlin, Montpellier, Nimês and Paris, and the play earned the Teatro Amador Award of Lisbon in 2000 as the Best play of the Year.

Exhibitions, Design and Artistic Projects include:

* ANGELUS: Levi´s Vintage Clothing  "Self Expression" -w. Artus de Lavilleón, Mark Gonzales, Takaho Inoue, Ringo Manabe, Pablo Monzón, Eduard Escoffet and Blami- (Spring 2000)
* LA BEAUTÉ EST DANS LA RUE: Lucky Strike Collective -w. Cuca Canals, Carlos Medina, David Dunan, Bernat Lliteras and Salva G- (Barcelona Circuit, 2000)
* VAGINOMETRÍA: Evophat (Vasava Artworks, 2002)
* SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: Art installations made of antique razor blades and mural pictures in collaboration with the Argentinian poet, Diego Oscar Radío (Galería M Rojas, 2002)
* INTO MY SHOES (Galería M Rojas, 2003)

* PRECIOUS BAG by MIN: w. Armand Basi, Antonio Miró, Victorio & Lucchino, Lottusse Shoes, Converse, Adolfo Domínguez, Ion Fiz, Francis Montesinos, Miguel Palacio, Montblanc, TCN, Marithé+François Girbaud and Juanjo Oliva- (2.006 -3rd Annual Solidarity Gala at Madrid Zarzuela Hippodrome )
* DENIM MIN: w. David Delfín, Konrad Muhr, Lois, Desigual, Joaquim Verdú, Juanjo Oliva , Miró Jeans, Victorio & Lucchino, and special guests including Victoria Beckham Jeans, CK Jeans, D&G, Levis, Diesel, DKNY Jeans, Custo and Lee- (2.007 -4th Annual Solidarity Gala in Barcelona)
* MEMENTO MORI (Madrid, FEM 2007)

Ruth worked and supported the following brands (as a consultant, writer or ambassador):


Also seen, interviewed and contributed on TV  and Radio shows, and documentaries including Pop 7 (TM3, co-host), Avui a la Vista (RNE Radio Show hosted by Jordi González, co-host) and the documentary film "La Vida Intermitente" directed by Jose Antonio León (Croma Televisión)

She has written many letters as they are her primary means of personal conversation. These letters along her diary contains more than 10.000 pages and still growing.

Ruth’s career took an interesting turn though. “I suppose in some respects my career has gone better than I expected, but I’ve learned that one must be flexible, malleable and ready to try new challenges.” In 2002 she studied Interior Design at The Inchbald School of  Design (London), and one year later, she moved to Florence (Italy) where she did an apprenticeship  with a veteran shoemaker while studying  Italian and Art at Michelangelo Academy.

In 2003 launched her own namesake firm of one-of.a-kind  pieces of jewelry, clothing and accessories made of antique and vintage stuff. The main inspiration for the brand was Ruth´s love of Victorian era, music, art, culture, and vintage fashion, and sold exclusively in high end and vintage stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris (Colette, Piamonte, Beba´s Closet, Federica & co, Gallery, Lotta Vintage). The collections found tremendous success with clients including Victoria Beckham, Kristin Davis, Amparo Llanos (pop rock band Dover lead singer), Bebe (actress and singer) and Verónica Forqué (actress), and were featured in Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Tatler and Woman (*more). 

Ruth´s accessories, vintage and antique clothing have been featured in TV shows and used in Pedro Almodóvar films "Broken Embraces" and "The Skin I Live In", and Julio Médem film "Caótica Ana". 

During  the last 14 years Ruth has also specialized in Antique Costume and Textiles, Antique Taxidermy, Funerary Rituals in the Victorian Era , Interior design and  Graphic Design.

Her interior projects and consultancy include residential houses in London, NY, Madrid, Malaga, Frankfurt, Segovia and Berlin. Clearly inspired by Dickens, the Gustavian interiors painted by Vilhelm Hammershoi and  Carl Vilhelm Holsoe, and the rare beauty of derelict, she creates interiors from salvaged and forgotten pieces, unusual finds  and a combination of various materials, lighting, colors, and textures. She is also an advocate of the environment, practicing green designs with antique and retro furnishings and hard surfaces.

A passionate antiques collector, she runs the multidisciplinary studio, Time For Tea Antiques & Interiors, and works  as  "rusty, faded and quirky" antiques dealer, interior designer and consultant for several worldwide renown fine antique dealers, auction houses and private customers. She also lectures and participates in conferences on antique fashion and textiles, antique taxidermy and wunderkammers, and Victorian funerary customs... and continues developing new ideas on interior design and photography.

She is currently working on a new novel.

Books, artworks and interiors by Ruth have been reviewed in Vogue, Casa & Campo, AD, El Pais, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, Marie Claire, The Face, NME, ON, BIG, ELLE, In Style, La Esfera, ABC, Época, El Cultural, Mujer de Hoy, Cinemanía, Qué Leer, Interviú, Leer, El Semanal, El Correo, Vanidad, etc.

Ruth Baza collections and creations of discarded objects and amazing experiences inspires her to celebrate the commonplace, the past, and visual. Wherever her career takes her next, one thing will be certain: Ruth will continue to chase the stories.

Just a woman... Just, ruth.


Mondadori - Reservoir Books (1.999 - 153 pages)

"Sons of "American Psycho": Mrs. Baza´s first novel is ahead of its time. The book is transgressive, elegantly violent and romantic. She plays in the same league of Bret Easton Ellis, Tim Willocks ("Green River Rising"), Gustavo Escanlar ("Estokolmo") and Ben Watt ("Patient")"  - ABC

"A very modern novel. Her young author makes a delicious mixture with life, literature and film" -QUÉ LEER

"Reaching orgasm through literature and a b&w Polaroid portrait  of Ruth, who like Anaïs Nin, has managed to create this, her intermittent life, by making an intellectual striptease that, at the same time,  fills up appetites, touches and awakes a true admiration for her strength and daring attitude. Mrs. Baza, a former model, has  fashioned with taste  and sensibility this beautiful road movie story of love, violence and shoes, that catches the reader from the beginning" - INTERVIÚ

Mondadori - Mitos de Bolsillo (2.002 - 153 pages)

"When Boris picks Margo in the desert he says "I had to stop because she was like a traffic light in red in the midldle of nowhere". Author Ruth Baza is, without a doubt, a refreshing light in the literary scene" -VANIDAD

"A road movie. The philosophy and universe of the characters, the very essence and obsessions  of the author, reminds of Kerouac and the beat generation" -EL CULTURAL

"One of the most promising authors of the current narrative scene" - EL PAIS

"Ruth Baza portrays in a sharp but stylish language the lack of spirit of a  consumerist, nihilistic  and whimsical generation living on the edge of chaos" -EL MUNDO

Festival de Cine de Málaga (2.000 -  178 pages)

"Beyond a biography, an ensemble of conversations and confessions" -FESTIVAL DE CINE ESPAÑOL DE MALAGA

"Querejeta´s work embodies the spirit of the Nouvelle Vague that shocked Spain under Franco´s regime" -SUR

Vasava Artworks (1.999 - 40 pages)

"The 6th issue of the collectable -and  very desirable- limited edition of artsy stuff created by Vasava under the name of Evolutive aka "I  wanna lick your soul," is Ruth´s sensorial log while living in Tokyo. A touching, exciting, explicit, funny and melancholic story of love  and hate in the most disturbing and chaotic city of the world" -ON DESIGN

Ruth Baza -Text by Argentinian poet  Diego Oscar Radío, concept and photos by Ruth (2.002 -72 pages)

"This out of the ordinary book pairs photos of surreal jewelry made with razor blades with beautiful, edgy and suicidal short poems that were inspired by each of the pictures"  -ON DESIGN

"Such a kiss is this book that you cannot tell which came first: the poem or the art work" -BIG 


Mondadori - Various Authors (1.999 -  278 pages)

​"La Luna Falsita" by Ruth Baza was published in this "Cult Fiction" anthology about the night that put together 23 young writers. 

​The book is notable as a collection of fiction stories written by some of the most representative authors of the so-called X Generation, like Nicolás Casariego, Francisco Casavella, Jesús llorente, Gabriela Bustelo, Ángela Labordeta and Roger Wolfe.

Egoiste - Emilio Saliquet. Various Authors (2.002 - 290 pages)

"Rewind" by Ruth Baza was published in this special book that marked the 10th anniversary in 2002 of cult fashion magazine Vanidad.

The list of authors and artists  contributions in this book is simply terrific: Antonio Alvarado, Bimba Bosé, Dolce&Gabbana, Juan Duyos, Antonio de Felipe, Josep Font, Álex de la Iglesia, Lisa Lovatt-Smith, Christopher Makos, Pedro Mansilla, Vicente Molina Foix and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Vasava Artworks - Various Authors (2.001 - 250 pages)

"Vaginometría" is the title of the short story and self-portrait Ruth created for this limited edition book-magazine-piece of art.

Evolutive creators asked friends to create unique artworks linked by the idea of progress and pushing the boundaries of the ordinary world. The result was a compilation of graphics, poems, sounds and music by 58 talented artists like Y. Kashiwakura, Jordi Labanda, Jörg Richter, Ipsum Planet, David Glamour, Servullo & David Dunan or Carles Congost. 


Fundación BBK Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa - Laura Revuelta and Ruth Baza (1.996 - 40 pages)

​"Norit, Petit, Yoplait y otras Meninas del montón" is the title of the essay written by Ruth.
This little but beautifully illustrated catalog was published to support a solo exhibition of artworks by pop artist Antonio de Felipe in BBK Foundation. His extensive work form a surprising genre blend, a linking of series characters, classical art and commercialism side by side with contemporary icon worship. His motifs are often painted in constellations that pay homage to great artists, including Velázquez, Picasso or Mondrian. Many of his works exhibit an ingenious ability to express powerful paradoxes.

Valdemar - Cristóbal Cobo Quintas (2.002 - 285 pages)

​"La Cocina Kosher  Psicoactiva" is Ruth´s contribution to  this book written by her beloved friend, author and activist, Cristóbal Cobo. 

Cristobal knew Ruth´s skills as an accomplished cook and home entertainer, and asked her to create 2 special kosher menus containing a pinch of marijuana, to add to his cannabis manifesto, both a call to action and a radical vision of humans' relationship with this healing but controversial plant that should be legalized.

Plaza & Janés - Alina Fernández (2.002 - 220 pages)

​"Ruth, Miedo A Ser Mujer" is the chapter Alina Fernández, author  activist and the rebellious daughter of Fidel Castro, dedicated to her friend Ruth, when she confessed in a press conference she suffers anorexia since she was 11.

Alina suffered eating  and emotional disorders as well and courageously made the decision to interview people of all ages and sexes who struggles against a disease of the soul. A very emotional and personal narration that invites to reflect about a serious disease far, far beyond from fashion or whim.

 * Most of these books are available at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, ABEBOOKS, CASA DEL LIBRO and FNAC.


A selection of articles, opinion, nonfiction stories and interviews 

EL MUNDO MAGAZINE  1.990-1.998

- Anjelica Huston (Cover interview  - London)
- Bruce Willis (Interview in Pittsburgh)
- Alan Parsons (Interview in Sussex)
- Kathy Bates (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Slash (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Arnold Schwarzenegger (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Mariah Carey (Interview in Amsterdam)
- JJ Cale (Interview in his home near San Diego)
- Isabella Rosellini (Interview in NY)
- Jean-Michel Jarre (Cover interview. Madrid)
- Angel Corella (Interview in Madrid)
- KD Lang (Interview in Madrid)
- Garth Brooks (interview in NY)  "Country territory"
- Eric Roberts (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Mohamed Al´Fayed (Interview in London)
- Harry Connick Jr. (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Tom Hanks (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Nacho Duato (Interview in Madrid)

EL MUNDO (Daily newspaper & Sunday review)

- Paul Mc Cartney returns to Wembley (Live from London. Back cover Story)
- "Skinheads, Shavedbrains": inside an actual neo nazi organization for a extended look at the mentality that fuel the White Power youth movement (Cover Story)
- "War Games"
- "Kuwait burns"
- "True Death Detectives" : one week in the life of a coroner
- Adam Ant (Interview in London)
- Henry Rollins (Interview in NY)
- Nick Kamen (Interview in Madrid)
- Crash Test Dummies (Interview in Madrid)
- Counting Crows (Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- Beastie Boys (Interview in Madrid)
- The Cult (Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- "Clint crosses the bridges of Madison County" (OP ED)
- "Fassbinder: A degenerated Indiana Jones" (OP ED)
- Iggy Pop (Interview in NY. Cover Story)
- Peter Fonda: "God rides a Harley" (Interview and photoshoot in Milwaukee)
- Naomi Campbell "Memoirs of a top model" (OP ED)
- "The return of Prince" (OP ED)
- "East meets West": Japan loves Us (OP ED)
- "Why did you do it, Kurt? (OP ED)
. "Cocaine & The Catwalk" (OP ED)
- "A divine revolution: Benedictine Monks become rock stars worldwide": inside the secluded Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos
- "Jean-Louis: King of high fashion and seduction" (OP ED)
- "Heidi Weisel: Simple elegance" (OP ED)
- "Robert Redford at 60: A natural elegance and intensity that age has not disminished" (OP ED)
- "Jackie Kennedy: A symbol of strength" (OP ED)

METROPOLI (EL MUNDO Friday Weekly Magazine)

- Candlebox (Interview in NY)
- Silmarils (Interview in NY)
- EMF (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- Scarlet (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- Shampoo (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- The Black Crowes (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- Toad the Wet Sprocket (Interview in London)
- Shawn Colvin (Interview in NY)
- Red Hot Chili Peppers (Cover story - Interview in Madrid)
- Robi Draco Rosa (Interview in Madrid)
- Sebastian Bach - Skid Row (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Vanessa Daou (Interview in NY)

THE GUARDIAN  1.991-1.998

- "Not for love, Nor money" (OP ED with Lourdes Garzón)
* Several english translations of articles and interviews published in EL MUNDO

- Isaac Mizrahi (Interview in NY)
- Milla Jovovich (Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- Men of the Year (1st Anniversary Issue Cover-Cover Story)
- Los Ronaldos (Interview in Madrid)
- Jorge Sanz (Interview in Madrid)
- Maribel Verdú (Interview in Madrid)
- Macaulay Culkin (Interview in Madrid)

DOWNTOWN MAGAZINE (Music and Movie Editor, Writer/Photographer) 1.991-1.996

- Billy Idol (Interview and photoshoot in Lisbon)
- Bigas Luna (Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- Greg Gorman (Interview in LA)
- Marcus Schenkenberg (Cover - Cover story Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- Iggy Pop (Interview in NY)

- Adam Ant (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- Tori Amos (Interview and photoshoot in Kinsale)
- Loquillo (Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- "Men of Merit: Ramón Larramendi,  Álvaro Soto, Rafa Izuzquiza & Kitín Muñoz" (Interviews and photoshoot)
- "Best Movie Soundtracks of all time"
- "Rock & Roll Dads"
- "The 27 Club: Rockers who died at age 27"
- "Anorexia and Me" 
- "Route 66"

RAGAZZA  1.991-1992

- Jodie Foster (Interview in Los Angeles)
. Eros Ramazzotti (Interview in Barcelona)
- Slash (Interview in Los Angeles)
- Marlene Dietrich (OP ED)

CAMBIO 16  1.994-1995 

- Willie DeVille (Interview and photoshoot in NY)
- Luther Vandross (Interview in NY)
- KD Lang (Interview in NY)
- Alan Parsons (Interview in London)

PRIMERA LINEA  1.994-1.998

- Blur (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- "Heroine Chic" (OP ED)
- "The Japanese Sex Industry"
- "Lost in Tokyo"
- "Lady Di X-Rated Manga"

CINEMANIA  1.995-1.999

- Gerard Depardieu (Cover-Cover Story. Interview in Paris)
- Nicolas Cage (OP ED)
- Demi Moore (OP ED)
- "Gods and Monsters" (Short Story)

POPULAR 1  1995-1997

- The Black Crowes (Cover Interview - Photoshoot in London)
- Redd Kross (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- Tinto Brass (Interview and photoshoot in Paris)
- Robbie Robertson 
- Cinderella (Interview in NY)
- Lemmy Kilmister - Motörhead  (Interview and photoshoot in Madrid)
- Babes in Toyland (Interview and photoshoot in London)
- Alex Cox (Interview and photoshoot in San Sebastian)
- Tori Amos (Interview and photoshoot in Kinsale, Ir)
- Sepultura (Interview in London)
- The Afghan Whigs (Interview in NY)
- Manic Street Preachers (Interview in London)
- Johnny Rotten - The Sex Pistols return (Cover - Photoshoot in London)
- Iggy Pop (Interview in NY
- Fun Lovin´ Criminals (Interview in NY)
- The Cramps (Interview in NY)
- James Belushi (Interview in Los Angeles)

EL SEMANAL  1.996-1.998

- Dennis Rodman (Interview in NY)
- Howard Stern (Interview in NY)
- Ivanka Trump (Cover-Cover Story. Interview in NY)
- Peter Eisenman (Interview in NY)
- Desmond Richardson (Interview in NY)
- John Kennedy Jr (A tribute to a friend)
- Christopher Cuomo (Interview in NY)
- Jay Leno (Interview in Milwaukee)
- Marie-Chantal of Greece (OP ED)
- Jared Leto:"Deep blue eyes and dirty blond hair Prefontaine" (OP ED)
- Nicolas Cage: "From Las Vegas to Heaven" (OP ED)
- Magic Johnson: "Tireless Magic" (OP ED)
- "Black Power" (OP ED)
- Donatella Versace: "The rise and fall -and the rise again- of a goddess designer" (OP ED) 

GQ  1.997-1.998

- Dennis Rodman (Cover-Cover Story. Interview in NY)
- Albert Ellis (Interview in NY)
- Inside Bally

INTERVIU 1.998-1.999

- Candida Royalle (Interview in NY)
- Peter Hall (Interview in NY)
- Emily Baer (Interview in NY)
- Peter Berg (Interview in NY)
- Willie Cole (Interview in NY)
- Bill Pullman (Interview in NY)
- "Joan Miró: Paper and Poetry in 5 colors" 
- "Rodchenko: Constructivism, Ritual Masks and Women in Arms"

EL CORREO (Daily newspaper & Friday Art and Fashion Magazine) 1.999-2.002

- Hundertwasser (Interview and photoshoot in Vienna)
- Yoko Ono (Interview in NY)
- Candida Royalle (Interview in NY)
- "Shout, Art, Shout!"
- "Magritte: the artist´s finger"
- "Babylon Factory: Warhol´s silver loft, home to artists and misfits"
- "Die Brücke: Rebel Art" 
- "Charles Manson: The Messenger of Evil"
- "Traffickers of Words: a review on the new generation of poets" (incl. interview with Diego Radío)
- "Fashion Meets Rock&Roll"
- "Never Trust a Hippie: Punk is back in fashion and the streets"
- Richey James -Manic Street Preachers (Last interview before his dissapearance in 1995, London)

VANIDAD  1.998-2.002

. "A Christmas Tale" (Short story)
- "Paul Morrisey: Flesh and Glitter"
- "Tokyo, Mon Amour" (Short story)
- Special 10th Anniversay Issue: Collective Art Project with (photographer) Miguel Oriola and (fashion designer) Juan Duyos 

WOMAN  2.001-2.002

- "The Subtle Pleasures of Everyday Life" (OP ED)
- "The Egg Yolk" (OP ED)
- "Alfred Hitchcock, 100 Years" (OP ED)
- "Bret Easton Ellis vs Jay McInerney" (OP ED)​​


A selection of portraits and photographs.

  1. Adam Ant
    Adam Ant
  2. Blur
  3. Tori Amos
    Tori Amos
  4. Bigas Luna
    Bigas Luna
  5. Björk
  6. Lindsay Kemp
    Lindsay Kemp
  7. Hundertwasser
  8. Elizabeth Wurtzel
    Elizabeth Wurtzel
  9. Wilie DeVille
    Wilie DeVille
  10. Peter Fonda
    Peter Fonda
  11. Paul McCartney
    Paul McCartney
  12. John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)
    John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)
  13. Alvaro Soto
    Alvaro Soto
  14. Aurora Beltrán
    Aurora Beltrán
  15. Kitin Muñoz
    Kitin Muñoz
  16. Ian Astbury
    Ian Astbury
  17. Sting
  18. Daniel MÚgica
    Daniel MÚgica
  19. Marie Fredriksson
    Marie Fredriksson
  20. Roman Polanski
    Roman Polanski
  21. John Taylor
    John Taylor
  22. Rafa Izuzquiza
    Rafa Izuzquiza
  23. Loquillo
  24. Tinto Brass
    Tinto Brass


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