Antique Furniture

Our business is like a treasure hunt and the excitement of the possibility of discovery. We never know what we are gonna find in a french cave, inside an old american grocery store, in a farm or in someone´s dusty attic. We seek the unusual and unexpected, non-perfect things for those treasures tells stories through their flaws.
Check out our style and a few examples of our faded, rusty, quirky and chic Bohemian, Dickensian, Provençal, Gustavian, Country, and All Old Grey items.

            Decorative Finds

We believe that the best object has had a life of its own and a unique story to tell. We are passionate about finding the odd, the quirky, but very cool junk -or jewel- that will bring a little meaning and joy to you. Often our most prized possessions are those that have had a long history before they came into our hands. 

         Bespoke: tailoring art

Time for Tea is not just a business. We are a team of creatives, artisans and restorers ready to design with salvaged architectural materials, recyled and ecologically friendly products, all kind of exclusive objects, ranging from furniture left in its original state or finished using traditional processes, decorative painting, feather filled matresses and cushions, upholstery, antique doors turned into rustic tables or mirrors, pallets recycilng, lamps...

            Antique Fashion

Our passion for antique fashion is widely recognized worldwide by the diverse selection of original 18th, 19th and early 20th century clothing and accessories that fills our hangers, trunks and cupboards: robes, suits, shawls, capes, Haute Couture, lingerie, hats, purses, shoes, jewelry... Date is not important. What matters is the beauty, rarity and style of a piece, and our aim is to have something for everyone.
We buy, save, store and preserve their past for you.

Lingerie & Lace

Silky, frilly, sensational, seductive and eye.catching: we adore lace, silk, embroidery, design and the versatile purposes of lingerie, lace, bridal and child´s garments and accessories.
We are proud of our large inventory of whites and lacys for everyone: lace dating from the 17th to the 20th century, petticoats, nightgowns, bloomers, corsets, girdles, teddies, bonnets, bed jackets, capelets, stockings, corset covers, crinolines., wedding gowns, children clothing... One for every occasion, two for every night of the week.

     Antique Linens & Textiles

Threads and tons of history drives us crazy for antique fabrics. Our large selection of antique 18th, 19th and early 20th century textiles includes embroideries, samplers, fragments, lace, French linens, ticking, burlap grain sacks, yardage and beautiful antique pillows, napkins, tablecloths, towels, bedspreads and curtains made from old ecologically friendly and eco-chic linen, silk and cotton.
Don´t misa our good inventory of antique European sheets.